Cancer of rectal prolapse. What Are The Specific Symptoms?

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We treat and cure other benign conditions as well, obtaining better results than the ones offered by classical surgery methods through non-surgical treatment procedures.

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The treatment price includes all medical manoeuvres computed videorectoscopy, IR photothermocoagulation, radiofrequency excision etc. Self-treatment with ointments and other drugs does not heal! Most often, it is attributed to the haemorrhoid disease anal and rectal pain, bleeding or stool evacuation difficulties.

cancer of rectal prolapse

The treatment with ointments, lotions, suppositories, plant sitz baths is most often administered and enjoys a high patient acceptance level, but the results are not always satisfactory or, if they are, they will not last long and by all means not forever. Such experiences sound familiar to many of us. It happens that the results are not satisfactory on the one hand because the haemorrhoidal disease does not heal by itself, it gradually evolves, even without any symptoms, under medical treatment, but also because the haemorrhoidal disease is not cancer of rectal prolapse only one responsible for the anal area discomfort.

Quite a number of other conditions can develop here, most of them benign, but requiring specific treatment, and, not that seldom, malignant, rectum, colon cancer. An early accurate diagnosis is vital before starting any treatment! Laurus Medical Clinics actually start from these premises!

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Our team, made up of doctors with an extensive experience in the field, assesses your health conditions, offering the best available medical solutions, appreciated and applied by the largest clinics in the world.

The techniques approached are a viable, modern, pain-free and efficient alternative to the classical surgery methods, using state-of-the-art medical equipment: IR coagulation, radiofrequency excision, etc.

The correct treatment for each diagnosis!

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The treatment we offer avoids discomfort and the risk of a surgical intervention and eliminates post-operative inconveniences, which, in the case of anal and rectal conditions may last for up to 6 months. To cancer of rectal prolapse, the anal-rectal canal conditions must be seriously treated by each of us, in order to eliminate a momentary discomfort and a possible major future risk.

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It should not be omitted that the haemorrhoidal disease, if left untreated or treated with medication only, does not cure by itself, but, instead, continues to progress towards more advanced stages, which can only be surgically treated!

Anal, Rectal and Colon Conditions.

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