Metastatic cancer of the bladder. Key Features

metastatic cancer of the bladder

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It provides comprehensive guidance for treating and understanding bladder cancer and serves as an up-to-date reference reflecting evidence-based research. The biological behavior of this disease entity shows a heterogeneous pattern with diverse morbidity and mortality depending on a variety of factors, such as tumor characteristics tumor stage, grade, size, number, shape, and histologic subtypes and applied treatment modalities surgery or non-surgical management.

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This book presents the substantial academic developments in the field of bladder cancer in one convenient reference. Key Features Presents a comprehensive overview of the basic and translational research into bladder cancer Provides metastatic cancer of the bladder established guidelines for bladder cancer in real clinical practice and relevant evidence-based research Saves academic, medical and cancer researchers time in quickly accessing the very latest details on bladder cancer, as opposed to searching through multiple sources Assists academic clinicians in understanding the importance of the breakthroughs that are contributing to advances in bladder cancer research Chapter 1.

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Epidemiology, etiology, and pathophysiology