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Thanks for your support. Roommy Zaahid Strângeri de fonduri Facebook Today is a special day for me 4 years ago today I was told I have MM multiple Myeloma at advance Stage 3 - treatable but not curable it was still a big relief because the vegetable state I was in at the time unknown sarcoma cancer charity what disease I have, I was being told all different things from doctors.

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One group saying I have lung cancer with a 12cm tumour in right lung and cancer metastasised in who body other saying its sarcoma metastasised in spine with 5 tumours. Both of these said So A treatable MM was a life saver. Now 4 years later with more than 22 chemotherapies.

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This picture is from Easter break when we all drive up to Isle of Skye. I can only thank Allah almighty for throwing me the rope of connection with Him through listening to mine and my loved ones prayers, to all of you for your love, support and care, and to the amazing research work these charities have done in Myeloma over the last 10 years and still doing with hopefully the new CAR T-cell treatment soon coming to NHS.

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Sarcoma cancer charity suggested me to setup this celebration charity page.